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Team Building Events

The Escape Unit is recognized as the premier regional provider of fun, valuable team building in the most convenient package. We travel directly to your business or event location and make team building easy and fun. Inject some new into your routine and your employees will thank you for the experience.

"The Escape Unit is heads and tails above the alternative options for value. The mobile aspect makes it unbelievably convenient and valuable for our team building goals."
- Paul Rann, Executive Director at Huron Regional Medical Center Foundation

In addition to the awesome team building experience The Escape Unit leads a  group debrief which helps the group assess how their group dynamic translates to their work within your company. The experience will help employees self-assess how they made decisions while under pressure, how they resulted in success or failure and how they can apply the learned concepts to their roles within your organization. 

NEW employees

Introduce your work hard play hard culture to new employees during new employee orientation with The Escape Unit. This experience will illustrate to your new employees the value you place on having fun while working hard to achieving a goal as a team.


Just for fun

Planning an office potluck, employee appreciation lunch, holiday party, or kicking off a new project? The Escape Unit will add a unique flare to each of these events that will have your employees talking about it for months. No travel expenses – we come to you!


The Escape Unit provides the perfect way to reward top performance. Not only is the experience fun, everyone will enjoy the thrill of working with their team. You’ll have the opportunity to tighten the group’s bond and leave them in good spirits motivated to work towards the next organizational goal!

Observe Teamwork.png

Observe Teamwork

As a leader, you have the option to observe your team via our control room or to silently participate with your team. Observe how your team members behave in this gut-wrenching environment. You’ll walk away with several opportunities on engaging leadership, enhancing communication, teamwork, and efficiency within your team!


Real estate is all about location, location, location(AND remember we come to you) and escape rooms are all about collaboration, collaboration, collaboration. The whole experience requires the each individual to speak up and share what they see, hear, feel, and touch.  Your team will recognize the value of team work, listening, leadership, and active communication to not only beat our challenges, but apply what they have learned in the challenges in your everyday work place.

Leadership Development.png

Leadership Development

Infuse fun info an existing leadership or new supervisor program. The Escape Unit allows leadership skills to emerge as the team works towards the ultimate goal of escaping the room!